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This is official website of Mr Dinh Tran Ngoc Huy, MBA from Intl. University of Japan – Arhus business school Denmark- Tuck school of business USA, DOB 16 Nov 1980 who published about 400 articles in prestigious journals (ISI, Scopus, domestic…), that can be found online.The purpose is to help research scholars and scientists and our young talents in Vietnam, Asia Pacific, Europe, US and around the world to publish books and ISI/Scopus articles. You can enter this website to understand more about our services. In addition, it is a good forum to spread things of the country-Vietnam and Vietnamese people as well as Vietnam tourism destinations and historical sited to global friends. Also, we provide you, our valuable clients, with various products with best quality: clothes for female and male, food & drinks, children toy (boys and girls), home applications and decoration, trees (bonsai), etc. All of my friends’ published articles, books, chapters, ideas and knowledge will be kept and stored at many university libraries and bookstores in the world in many countries including Vietnam, from USA to Europe and Asia. Fundamentally, this website will function as an advising page and reliable address for those who are interested in scientific researches, studies, and life sciences, for all ages, male and female; hence, vice versa, readers can support this website. Moreover, when scientists cooperate with us to publish ISI and scopus articles we have more opportunities not only to connect our domestic markets but also to do better marketing and expand our exporting markets to overseas, for instance, our agricultural products, seafood exporting-importing, attracting ODA and FDI, foreign investors and investment, etc. “Yes! You’re welcome to make our life and life sciences better together”. Next, we will understand more about European nations culture, American countries culture and Asian countries culture including our country, about the way they act, they (and we) publish papers, they (and we) cooperate, etc. Our books (in English) are here:










Our vision: Providing Best quality products for consumers and best services for scientists/researchers.

Our mission: Organizing and distributing good products and services for consumers and scientists/researchers.

Our values: Creating Trust and Training Talents for Research World.

Our cooperation model: we <-> authors, researchers <-> publishers or scopus/ISI journals

We help authors to connect with good publishers or journals, edit and review their writings, articles, books, theses, etc. adapting to international publishing standards and help to publish in a timely manner as well.

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If you wanna order or leave comments => Go to the contact form or email / / or via Mobile (whatsapp):  (84) 936.410639 / 0961.083180. In Vietnam it is easier to connect via Zalo, Viber, Facebook,…



We can help authors , doctors, professors in Vietnam, Asia, Europe, America and around the world to publish your good books in English (translation, editing, publishing,…). Just send your book file in MS Word to our email, we will respond as soon as possible. Not only our articles, but also Our books have been purchased by lots of library in Vietnam, Japan, Asia, Europe, America and in the world. A published book is a progress of cummulating your knowledge through articles, working experience,…

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Publishing a good article in scopus will have higher standards than in a normal journal and remember, patience is mother of success. We believe that, with more than 10 years experience in publishing articles in reputable journals, we can help you as research scholars to publish in ISI, Scopus and local journals.Just tell us via email or whatsapp number (84) 936410639. 

Then we could help you, research scholars, to publish in very good scopus/ISI journals in various fields: economic, finance, banking, accounting, management, social sciences, development economic, security and sustainability, technology, language, education and psychology, IT, medical-medicine-pharmaceutical, engineering, electronic, environment, chemical, etc.

In the mean time, watch our video call for paper from Chief editor of a good international journal La Bisecoman

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We offer good qualified courses from experienced lecturers and researchers for companies, banks, small group of students .

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This website was established for my friends, honey, esp. a gift for my little son D.T.Phuc born on 9 Feb 2021 and my little niece Samiel Dan Thu born on 19 Oct 2018.

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