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This is the official website of Mr Dinh Tran Ngoc Huy with more than 12 years of research and publishing experience, MBA from Intl. University of Japan, Niigata, Japan – Arhus business school, Aarhus city, Denmark- Amos Tuck school of business, New Hampshire, USA, DOB 16 Nov 1980 who published about 450-500 articles in prestigous journals (ISI, Scopus, domestic…), that can be found online. And this website till now has published over 1300 writings/messages in wide fields. Also until Wednesday 20/10/2021 it received total 170k visits globally and mainly scholars, esp. a lot of Vietnamese readers (until 20/11/2021 the number has reached 196k visits and 260k visits till 14/02/2022 from more than 81 countries all over the world). The purpose is to help research scholars and scientists and our young talents in Vietnam, Asia Pacific, Europe, US, Africa and around the world to publish books and ISI/Scopus articles, also contribute to a “society learning as a whole” as well as emphasizes on their personal social contribution via researches, either theoretically or practically, and help scholars at all levels around the world to connect our minds just because nowdays in a changing world, all our feelings and minds, all our beauty inside or outside expressed can be published under forms of chapters or articles. Hence, we can say that “scientific researches publishing shows the pathway where our mind maps will go to”. And we could see the nature of cooperation in science is a normal trend. I will explain a reason why many more scientists in the North of Vietnam join in publishing more articles nowadays, that is they have political centre in the Northern region and will establish, restructure and organize a system of ideologies, theories, philosophies, education, thoughts,etc. for nation. In reality, everybody of us is just like a book or a journal, so is it the time you yourselves want to publish a book or an article with me yet! You can enter this website to understand more about our services as it will functions as a new channel (with IT application) to disseminate scientific knowledge and outputs to everybody including both academic and non-academic audiences. Additionally, the website will provide many prestigous ISI/Scopus/ISSN journals for you – researchers & scholars to put strategy issues under flexible forms of articles, slides ppt, images, youtube/video, conference proceeding, book chapters, seminars, etc. in any fields. Next step, It would be better to use this website to involve sponsors into funding for non-profit research and publishing activities to invest and train young talented seeds of our research world because the national development will need their contributions. In addition, it is a good forum to spread things of the country-Vietnam and Vietnamese people as well as Vietnam tourism destinations and historical sites to global friends. Therefore, we respect and highly value good quality Vietnam products and services consisting of articles and writings in various fields, no limitation, made in Vietnam, made in Turkey, made in Poland, made in Czech, made in China, made in Iran as well as the other nations. I myself believe that during this process, audiences will contribute more and approach to some extent with the concept of a global citizen, scientist, writer and author. Also, we provide you, our valuable clients, with various products with best quality: clothes for female and male, food & drinks, children toy (boys and girls), home applications and decoration, trees (bonsai), etc. All of my friends’ published articles, books, chapters, ideas and knowledge will be kept and stored at many university libraries and bookstores in the world in many countries including Vietnam, from USA to Europe and Asia-Pacific. For instance, our articles and book chapters have been recognized inVietnam science & technology publication database (Link or CLick). Fundamentally, this website will function as an advising page and reliable address for those who are interested in scientific researches, studies, and life sciences, for all ages, male and female; hence, vice versa, readers can support this website. Are you ready yet ? Hence, this website will be maintained as an “online scientific playing schoolyard” for everbody those who just with interests and be ready to cooperate for it and see “together, let’s make it happen!”. In fact, you can join me in publishing to explore the meanings of “general” and of “details” together, because it would be better to analyze situation in details to propose good suggestion but somehow it is not a bad idea to propose a general opinion so that we can stand from a position of general management to recommend suitable policy and also in order to draw rules or principles (for instance, we see natural or social science, economic, demand, market, money or positions rules in our living world, etc.). That’s why we will introduce here both our “young pens and experienced pens” in science development together with their articles/writings announcement. Our life is changing around habits, hence, if we change toward good habits and better research skills, our life and relationship will change better. In addition to, when scientists cooperate with us to publish ISI and Scopus articles we have more opportunities not only to connect our domestic markets but also to do better marketing and expand our exporting markets to overseas, for instance, our agricultural products (in agriculture there is still weak linkage between farmers and biology and biotech and technology science), seafood exporting-importing, attracting ODA and FDI, foreign investors and investment, etc. So, that’s why we would like to present here a concept of personal finance for individual and social contribution. In addition, there are many scientists (both global and local) misunderstand the concept between sustainable value chain and sustainable supply chain. Thats why we need scientific theories to clarify while sustainable value chain will involve such definitions as clients, customer care and marketing or sales, sustainable supply chain will involve meanings of transportation, logistics and stable material sources, and of course ther are some key words that overlap between these 2 concepts such as supporting industries, etc. Next, somebody may think that innovation is a key factor to influence the brand name (the more innovation the firm has, the better brand name), in fact, this is just true partially, in fact, sustainability will be a major factor to enhance brand name because there is no meanings if innovation takes place in short term of a firm life cycle then it collapses. In a discussion, one friend asked “Why small companies can go green?” The answer will be “First, due to nature of business, second, because of environment standards and regulations”. Moreover, when many scientists use the word “digital” (for ex., digital marketing, etc.) in researches, it would be better to bread this concept into understandable concepts such as IoTs application in industry, and the same ideas for “AI” topics that we need to break it into robotic applications or gesture identification tech, etc. So you see! And therefore, it is good for us to think of an “online scientific club” for research scholars. “Yes! You’re welcome to make our life and life sciences better together”. Also we could observe that in our modern economy and society, the interaction between human-human, machine-machine and between human-machine, human-mobile or human-computer is taking place fast and there are new trends in technology sector and many other sciences, therefore we and you will decide whether we are the first (the leader or the initiator) or the second (the developer) who discover and write down it. It is a fact that in many organizations, universities and companies nowadays, information technology is performing reporting and tasks functions mainly, not really for management functions (MIS) and hence, left space for researches and applications. Actually we recognize that scientific importance in developing roles of robots and robotic hands in replacing for workers in heavy and risky jobs. Next, origination of management/economic theory should be a combination of 2 or 3 elements: human research, social theory and business or organizational activities. And think about theory, esp. theory development process should start from definition, to concept with conceptual framework and concept model, then theory development. Moreover, for young people, always good if they ask such questions as “Why do you live ? and what are our life purposes?, as well as What are factors influencing and how to have positive thinking or mindset?”. So, you’re more than welcome to make something more than expected. In fact, many educationalists talk about concept of learner-centered, but in schools teachers are required to teach subjects not their interests so quality reduce and this is not student-centered approach. Moreover, via my experience, our teachers need to be trained suitable skills and different from their students. Beside, among purposes of this website is to encourage a culture of reading for everyone at all ages because reading skill (just like listening and writing and speaking and understanding) will evolve from basic to advanced level. Next, we will understand more about European nations culture, American countries culture and Asian countries culture including our country, about the way they act, they (and we) publish papers, they (and we) cooperate (there are both sides of a coin in transactions, in fact), etc. For instance, some Scopus/ISI/ESCI journals (Management -Poland ESCI) or Q3 Advances in Mechanics – China / or Review in Pacific Basin FInancial Market and Polciies behave well while behaviors of Mangement Systems in Production Engineering, and Advances in Decision Sciences (Q4, Taiwan), and Thanh Nien newspaper (Thanh Nien party – these fucking guys can not publish 300 ISI Scopus articles) are not so good, and several other fake websites of journals; hence, you can see publishing is not quite easy. So we need strong mechanism to eliminate these fucking guys, although previously the police has punished Ho Chi Minh city party officers (Nguyen Thanh Tai, Tat Thanh Cang,…) violating laws but we need stronger punishments, so I have reported to the Police today abt Thanh nien newspaper/party and facebook-Nguyen Tuan Cuong violates laws and their crime-create obstacles for national education ( and in fact, the number of my web visitors increased more than 12.000-13.000 visit times from 273k to more than 285k till 8/3/2022 and even up to 300k (27.000 visit times) untill 26/Mar/2022 just after I publish information of bad behavior (fake news publish) of Thanh nien newspaper, Tuoi tre newspaper online,,

Dear Vietnamese and global readers, the quality of Vietnam newspapers have not been checked carefully and hence, sometimes, very LOW QUALITY and UN-TRUSTED. There are more evidence of history of violating laws – (THANH NIEN newspaper party), their fucking and un-educated chief editor team in publishing FAKE/UNTRUTH news making troubles in our society (because some stupids guys in give stupid comments), so this is the time to stop all their activities because THANHNIEN.VN publish LOW QUALITY INFORMATION to readers, society, affect very bad and seriously children and the youth, contribute to destroy progress, reputation and development of HCM city, lead to and cause other WRONG CONCEPTS and THOUGHTS and DO NOT RESPECT our Vietnamese citizens, local readers, overseas Vietnamese readers and our children or young generation:

We see several Vietnam newspapers violated laws above. Also, today 25/2/2022 Tuoi Tre newspaper ( – noone in their team can write and publish 300-400 ISI Scopus articles like me, and they ,in same group with Thanh nien newspaper publish fake news /false information online, hence, I emailed and reported to policies and government agencies:

Be careful! Causing Troubles, Misinformation, Disorder, Anxiety, Disrupt In Society By Any Actions (Including Publishing Fake News Online), Thanhnien Newspaper (Thanhnien.Vn) And Fucking Team Nguyen Ngoc Toan/ The Bitch Dang Thi Phuong Thao Can Be Put In Jail 2-7 Years According To Vietnam Criminal Law 2015,

Article 318, Section 4, Chapter XXI, Criminal Law 2015 pointed:

In case there are enough grounds to determine criminal prosecution for the crime of disturbing public order, violators may face a maximum penalty of up to 07 years in prison (Article 318, Section 4, Chapter XXI, Penal Code 2015).

Those who disrupt public /society order, causing adverse effects on security, social order and safety or have been administratively sanctioned for this act or have been convicted of this crime, have not yet been cleared. criminal convictions but continue to commit them, shall be subject to a fine of between VND 5,000,000 and 50,000,000, a non-custodial reform for up to 2 years or a prison term of between 3 months and 2 years.

from:Dinh Tran Ngoc Huy <>,,,,,,,,,,

Kính gửi: Cơ quan công an, Cục Báo chí – Bộ Thông tin TT, SỞ KHCN TPHCM, SKHCN Đồng Nai, SKHCN Quang Ngai, SKHCN Lam DOng, SKHCN Khanh Hoa, SKHCN Da Nang, So KHCN Quang Nam,
Ngày 23/2/2022 và ngày 25/2/2022 Báo Thanh niên và Báo Tuổi trẻ có đăng bài vu khống Đinh Trần Ngọc Huy online, mặc dù Tạp chí Khoa học Đà LẠt đã hiểu nhầm và gỡ bài vu khống Huy trên website xuống.Đây là hành vi tung tin giả hoang mang dư luận và xã hội vi phạm pháp luật cần nghiêm trị Đảng ủy Báo thanh niên, Báo Tuổi trẻ, những người dính líu ở Thành Đoàn và những người liên quan ở TPHCM, chỉ có bọn không có giáo dục mới làm như vậy!Thật ra không ai ở Báo Thanh niên có thể xuất bản 300-400 bài ISI Scopus nên hành vi vu khống để hạ uy tín là dễ hiểu!
 Ngoài ra, viec này có thể dẫn đến mất an ninh trật tự xã hội, và khởi kiện báo Thanh niên nên báo cáo cơ quan công an cẩn thận hành vi và mối quan hệ của Báo thanh niên. Và công an , cục an ninh mạng có thể sẽ lam việc sơ bộ với Báo Thanh niên!
 P/S: rất mong cơ quan chức năng xu ly Báo Thanh niên và phản hồi som để không dẫn đến rắc rối! 
Trân trọng cảm ơn!

Dinh Tran Ngoc Huy, MBA (07),
GSIM, International University of Japan, Japan 
Mobile 0936.410639 – Whatsapp: +84 936410639
Editor, Academy of Strategic Management Journal (Scopus Q3)
Associate Editor, International Journal of Entrepreneurship (Scopus Q3)
Editor-In-Chief, SunText Review of Economics and Business (USA)
Editor-In-Chief, International Journal of English Literature and Social Sciences
Editor-In-Chief, International Business Management Journal (UAE)

Also, you can see how fast global audience and government respond to fake news regulation. Immediately just after I post these above fake news case, Vietnam has entered CMF conference in France to present preventing fake news or bias information (Link to read). To above Vietnam magazines ( and and, Do not publish bias or fake news again!) to destroy or affect badly our country image and reputation. This is a kind of crime.

Last but not least, some fake members of HDGSNN (State Professor Committee) for example: Tran Van Tho and some others, continue to be obstacles for scientific cooperation, these fucking guys do not have ability to publish as many articles as we can! So they just do dirty things to limit our publishing! Need punishment and eliminate these fucking guys!

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